The story behind our Gravel bikes
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The story behind our Gravel bikes

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Ridley was into gravel bikes even before it was a big ‘thing’. When we launched our first-generation X-Trails we didn’t know the segment would be called ‘Gravel’, so we named it ‘All-Road’. Now we know better. Gravel has grown into one of the most promising markets within cycling. And let's be honest, one of the coolest segments as well. That’s why we decided to follow our competitors and rename our All-Road segment to ‘Gravel’, including an extension of the range with new models. This asked for a name change of our gravel bikes as well. Discover the story behind our Kanzo bikes. Kanzo, or canzo, is a word that dates back to the times of the troubadours. We take a trip back to the Middle Ages. Troubadours were singers and poets back in those days. They often worked as tradesmen, merchants or were even fisherman. They travelled a lot and experienced all kind of adventures. About these adventures they sang. They turned them into stories about knights or even love stories. When they entered a village, they told the inhabitants about their adventures. They were so good at it, they moved entire communities. People hang on every word troubadours told them. Just as the troubadours we want to encourage our Ridley riders to go out and ride their bike. To discover new places or rediscover what they thought they already knew. Take roads, unbeaten paths or just cross entire forests. When they return, they can be just like the troubadours. Tell their story. And make sure everyone is hanging on their lips.

But why Kanzo?

Well kanzo (or canzo) was the most used genre of troubadours. What do we mean with genre: just like you have hiphop, rock or metal as music genres these days, kanzo was a poetic genre of troubadours. The troubadours back then had several genres that enabled them to tell their stories: a cryptic genre, a balad or the most used: kanzo/canzo. And that’s why we named our gravel bikes ‘Kanzo’. It’s the ideal bike for storytellers. Go out, ride your bike. Discover new places or rediscover what you thought you knew. Be amazed of what you see. Dare to look back, especially when it is to tell a great story. Because the greatest adventures are always translated into great stories. Dare to be the storyteller. Ride Kanzo.

Discover new places or rediscover what you thought you knew. And dare to be the storyteller.

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