Arena Fast

Arena FAST Sprint ARC01Am(L)

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About Arena Fast

We have a long history in making the fastest bikes on every terrain for the highest level of competition: road, gravel, cyclocross and track racing. We developed the Arena TT for the World Hour Record of Victor Campenaerts in 2019. The Arena Fast is the next step in making the fastest track bike in the world.

The objective of this development was clear: create the fastest track bike on the planet. To achieve this, we pushed the UCI regulations using the 8:1 rule for tube dimensions and the use of compensation triangles. The F-Surface Plus on the frame and fork create a controlled amount of turbulence, allowing the main airflow to closely follow the tube’s shape.

We have developped the Arena Fast as a future proof modular frameset that can be used for different disciplines and is compatible with all common wheel standards on the market.

The Arena Fast can be used in the sprint and pursuit disciplines by changing the fork rake with a flip chip. There flip chips provide the option of either running a 35mm or a 45mm front rake depending on the discipline and rider preference.

The frame and fork have been designed for both traditional wheel nut and bolt-in-axles as well as modern 12mm thru-axles by using different dropout inserts and flip chips.

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Arena Fast

Ridley Elite Carbon

Our carbon is manufactured by world market leader: Toray. The Japanese manufacturer is leader in every aspect of carbon development and supplier to absolute top world brands in many industries. For the Elite Series, we use every type of available carbon: 60T, 50T, 30T and 24T.

The higher the 'Ton', the higher the tensile strength of the carbon fibers and the more intensive the development and processing. With 60T, you may need fewer layers of carbon to achieve the desired stiffness as well as the lightest possible bike, but if you built the whole frame with 60T you'd have a very uncomfortable, over-responsive ride. Hence, a mix of 24T, 30T, 50T and 60T carbon is essential as each carbon serves a certain purpose in perfectly balancing stiffness, weight and comfort.

Each bike's unique carbon mix is dependent on its purpose, such as climbing, endurance, etc. In addition, each area of each frame requires its own unique mix depending on its function such as to provide comfort or stiffness. It is here, in the unique carbon compositions, where Ridley makes the difference!

As all our professional teams ride our Ridley Elite Series bikes - including the likes of Tim Wellens, Caleb Ewan or Thomas De Gendt, this means that your bike is treated with the exact same care as theirs.

Ridley Elite Carbon

F-Tubing & F-Surface Plus

How can you ride faster without pedaling harder? How do objects "cut" through wind? While researching ways to improve aerodynamics, the bicycle industry began to gather knowledge from the aviation industry. From this, well-known NACA flight profiles, for designing wings and other components, began to be applied to the tubes of a bike frame.

With further research, our engineers found many additional potential optimisations. By shortening the end of the NACA profiles (F-Tubing), we discovered that drag was reduced. We also created a groove in the frame called the F-Surface Plus. By applying this technique, we created an airflow that flows more efficiently along the tube.

Want to know more about aerodynamics and NACA profiles? Read this blog!

F-Tubing & F-Surface Plus


  • Frame
    Arena Fast, F-Surface+, PF30, Bolt on & TA wheel compatible
  • Frame Level
    Elite Series
  • Fork
    Arena Fast, 100mm spacing, compatible with bolt on & 12mm TA
  • Groupset
    Frame Fork Set Sprint, no cockpit
  • Brake Type
  • Seatpost
    Forza Aero for Arena Fast , 350mm
  • Max Tire Clearance 700c (*)
    28 mm
  • Material
  • Paint Finish
  • Size
  • Range
    Time Trial, Triathlon & Track
  • Weight Limit
    110 KG (Bike included)
  • EAN
  • Pedals
    Not included **
  • Warranty period
    2 years (+ 3 years after registration)


What is my size?

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F 73 73
G 380 380
H 54 54
I 966 1017
J 742 761
S 484 503
R 420 466

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