Kanzo Adventure 1.0

Kanzo C Adventure & Oryx KAC03Bs(XS)

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About Kanzo Adventure 1.0

With the Kanzo Adventure, you can cruise for miles through nature, knowing you're fully prepared for anything nature throws at you. This gravel bike is the perfect balance of comfort and performance.

Its geometry delivers comfort to easily navigate any off-road challenges. It also gives it impressively aggressive handling for smoothly changing pace or direction at will.

The bottom bracket and chain stays are specially designed to accommodate up to 47mm wide tires, without losing stiffness. This is key for when you’re climbing with bike bags filled to the brim.

Its straight top tube and numerous lugs further extend its versatility. Think bikepacking! You can easily take everything needed for an overnighter - including a sleeping bag!

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Are you interested in just a frame and the frame-specific parts? Would you like to choose the wheels, groupset, tyres and other components yourself, outside this Configurator? No problem at all! Select FFS (Frame Fork Set) and buy only the frame and fork.

Ridley Essential Carbon

The Essential Series of Ridley bikes uses exceptional carbon by Toray, taking key features of the Elite Series to a more affordable level.

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Geometries based on gender are outdated. Everyone is unique! Ridley recommends bike-fitting and a custom build with our Ridley Configurator.


  • Frame Kanzo Adventure, 30T-24T HM UD Carbon, TA 12x142mm
  • Fork Forza Oryx Disc, TA 12x100 mm, Hidden Fender Mounts
  • Brakes Disc
  • Groupset Frameset

About the Kanzo Adventure family

The Kanzo Adventure line contains the perfect off-road adventure bikes for those who thrive on keeping the wheels off pavement at all costs. Designed for off-road riding where both efficiency and comfort are key, these gravel bikes sport a gravel-specific geometry and have wider tire clearance. You'll feel these key details by amount of confidence it gives you when tackling the toughest sections of trail.

Equipped with many additional frame mounts, your bike will be more than prepared for any adventure imaginable. Go ahead and mount a third bottle cage, bento box, fenders and/or bike bags – whatever you need to make your outing a success. These bikes are truly your best partner for the coolest, toughest gravel adventures.


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