Grifn RS

Grifn RS 105 DI2 GRS01Bs(M)

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Lightweight carbon frame

Lightweight carbon frame

Optimized tire clearance

Optimized tire clearance

All-road geometry

All-road geometry

Diffuser fork crown

Diffuser fork crown

About Grifn RS

The Grifn RS features an optimized carbon structure, making it even lighter than the Grifn. Additionally, it includes several aerodynamic optimizations, such as the aerodynamic shape of the seat tube with D-shaped seat post and the integrated diffuser on the fork.

Naturally, you can easily switch from a 'road-setup' to an 'offroad-setup' with the Grifn RS. The Grifn RS excels on both regular roads and gravel paths thanks to its well-thought-out and highly appreciated all-road geometry. The frame also has various mounting points so you can choose your personalized setup with the right bike bags and fenders. With tires up to 42 millimeters, it's suitable for any terrain. Like the Grifn, the Grifn RS also features the option to route the cable for a rear light through the top tube.

Furthermore, the integrated front derailleur clamp stands out, which is also easy to remove or can be replaced by an aero chain guide. The UDH derailleur hanger and CeramicSpeed SLT bearings make the Grifn RS the best all-road bike in our range.

Start configuration
Grifn RS

Lightweight carbon frame

The lighter weight of the Grifn RS is the result of an optimized carbon structure and the use of lighter and stiffer carbon fibers, resulting in a weight improvement of 140 grams compared to the Grifn.

Lightweight carbon frame

Optimized tire clearance

For the Grifn RS, Ridley opts for a slightly wider tire clearance compared to the Grifn. With 42 millimeters, they typically provide ample capability to handle a variety of gravel obstacles. This maintains a balance between speed and agility on one hand, and comfort and stability on the other. Of course, on the road, you can easily switch wheels or tires to opt for a narrower one if needed.

Optimized tire clearance

All-road geometry

The geometry of the Ridley Grifn is the superb overlap of a stiff racing- and a tolerant off-road frame! The goal is a reactive and nimble riding feel while keeping a stable handling on off-road terrain. The head tube angle of the Grifn is slightly flatter than the head tube angle of a road bike. Compared to a gravel bike, the head tube angle is sharper. This results in a completely new geometry, specifically designed for the all-road segment. The riders of Classified Ridley were also consulted and gave positive feedback on this all-roader.
All-road geometry

Diffuser fork crown

The fork crown has an integrated diffuser to reduce drag. The airflow passes more easily through fork crown while extra energy is added to it. The result is that the airflow passes the downtube more easily without pushing the bike back. At the same time there is less drag in the area behind the fork and headtube.

Less resistance, more speed!

Diffuser fork crown

Race proven gravel

Both our gravel bikes and our all-road bikes are developed in collaboration with the Classified Ridley Team. As a professional gravel team, they have the knowledge and experience in competition and are ideally positioned to assist us in the quest for marginal gains.

Race proven gravel

Removable front derailleur clamp

The removable front derailleur clamp will give your bike a clean and neat look when using a 1x setup. We have designed a specific cover to replace the clamp when not used.
Removable front derailleur clamp

Cable routing for lights

Like every bike in the Grifn family, you have the option to route the cable for a rear light through the top tube. This internal cable routing for the dynamo hub is also concealed in the fork leg, eliminating the need for tape and protruding cable ties. This enables you to install lighting on your bike, which is a highly convenient addition when you want to venture into the darkness.

Cable routing for lights

Personalized setup

The frame features three mounting points on and under the downtube, as well as on the seattube, allowing you to customize the positioning of your bottle cages in conjunction with a frame bag. Additionally, there are two mounting points on the top tube for a top tube bag or toolkit, cleverly concealed under a cover. Furthermore, we have designed specific mudguards for the Grifn, enabling you to use your bike in all weather conditions.

Personalized setup


  • Frame
    Grifn RS , TA12x142 , Mudguard mounts , UDH , BB86 , Removable front derailleur clamp
  • Frame Level
    Elite Series
  • Fork
    4ZA AllRoad RS 7E8/GRS01Bs
  • Groupset
    Shimano 105 DI2 , 2x12s
  • Electric bike
  • Crank
    Shimano 105 , 50/34 , 172mm
  • Rear Derailleur
    Shimano 105 DI2 , 2x12s
  • Cassette
    Shimano 105, 12s , 11-34
  • Front Wheel
    Forza Levanto Gravel db , TA 12x100mm , Clincher-TLR , Forza 3 Beaufort hub , 23mm Internal Width , 40mm deep
  • Rear Wheel
    4ZA Levanto G R 23TLR - 3BFdb GEN3 SHI - NO STI
  • Handlebar
    Forza Cirrus Pro Integrated Flared , 110mm - 400mm (cc shifters) - 465mm (cc drops) , 16° flared , Drop 120mm , Reach 70mm
  • Front Derailleur
    Shimano 105 DI2 , 2x12 , Braze-on
  • Brake Type
    Flat Mount
  • Seatpost
    Forza Aero , Zero Offset , 350mm
  • Saddle
    Selle Italia Model Y , Black
  • Outer Tyre
    Vittoria Corsa N.EXT , 700x32c , Foldable
  • Max Tire Clearance 700c (*)
    42 mm
  • Material
  • Paint Finish
  • Size
  • Range
  • EAN
  • Pedals
    Not included **
  • Warranty period
    2 years (+ 3 years after registration)


What is my size?
A 730 760 790 810 835 860
B 440 470 500 520 545 570
C 515 525 545 565 585 605
D 100 115 140 165 195 215
E 74.5 74.5 74 73.5 73.5 73
F 71 71.5 72 72 72 72
G 420 420 420 420 420 420
H 75 75 73 73 71 71
I 992 994 1005 1021 1043 1058
J 749 765 790 814 843 862
S 524 540 563 587 614 633
R 375 375 383 391 403 412

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Help & support

How can we help?

What TA is used on the bike?

The frame needs a 12mm TA with a thread of 1mm (Ridley article code QRET124ZA046)

Which hanger is used on the bike?

The uses the SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH). This means you will find easily a replacement hanger wherever you are as it is a standardised hanger (Ridley article code HANUDHSRA001)

What BB standard is used?

We use a BB86 press-fit bottom bracket standard on the Fenix SLiC, Fenix Disc, Kanzo Adventure, Kanzo Fast, Grifn, X-Night RS

What is the offset of the seatpost?

The offset of the seatpost is 6mm. The aero seatpost is used on the Noah Fast, Noah, Falcn RS, X-Night RS frame platforms.

Is there a zero offset seatpost available?

Yes, there is a zero offset seatpost available.

Which seatpostclamp is used?

The integrated seatpost clamp (Ridley article code SPCAER4ZA010) is designed for the aero seatpost of the Grifn RS and the E-Grifn

What is the maximum torque for the seatpost clamp?

The maximum torque to fix the seatpost clamp is 10Nm, like mentionned on the clamp

Which headset type is used?

The Grifn RS uses a headset with a 1 1/8'' (IS42|28.6) upper bearing and 1 1/2'' (IS42|50) lower bearing.

What is the tire clearance?

The tire clearance of the Grifn RS and E-Grifn is 42mm, actual width. This means the actual width of the tire on the rim. This can be different from the size mentionned on the tire.

Is there internal routing for lights?

Yes, we have added a neat integrated cablerouting through the fork to the crown of the fork for your front light. We have added 2 small holes in the frame to route the cable for your rear light internally. In this way you avoid the hassle with tape or tiewraps to guide the cables!

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