X-Night RS

X-Night RS GRX DI2 XRS01As(M)

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About X-Night RS

The X-Night RS is specially designed for cyclocross, made for those who want to navigate through mud and sand as quickly as possible. The aerodynamic tube shapes are based on those of the successful Falcn RS, and the steep angle of the head tube and shorter wheelbase create a geometry typical of cyclocross. The flattened bottom of the head tube allows the bike to be shouldered. With the D-shaped seatpost, the saddle will always remain in the correct position. A higher bottom bracket, on the other hand, ensures maneuverability through the muddied field.

Thanks to the additional space on the rear fork, mud will easily clear away. With attachment points for bottle holders, a removable front derailleur clamp, and a universal derailleur hanger, every detail has been considered.

The X-Night is now in its fifth generation, with various world champions having ridden its predecessors. With the innovative X-Night RS, Ridley once again sets the standard for the modern cyclocross bike.

Start configuration


Disc brakes

D-shaped Seatpost

By designing a seatpost as D-shaped, rather than round, you significantly increase its aerodynamics and comfort. A win-win result!

UDH Hanger

SRAM has a universal solution for all rear-derailleurs .

Removabel front derailleur clamp

The removable front derailleur clamp will give your bike a clean and neat look when using a 1x setup. We have designed a specific cover to replace the clamp when not used.

Aero-To-Weight tube shapes

Tube shapes are carefully designed to find the perfect balance between aerodynamic performance and weight.


Thanks to a D-shaped steerer tube, we can fully integrate all cables. A huge aerodynamic advantage that looks so sleek!

Ridley Elite Carbon

We use a combination of the very best Torayca carbon: 60T, 50T, 30T, 24T. Toray carbon gives these Ridleys an exceptional cycling feel.


  • Frame X-Night RS 7E8/size M/XRS01As
  • Fork 4ZA Oryx Disc D-shape 7E8/XRS01As
  • Brakes Flat Mount
  • Groupset Shimano GRX800 DI2 2x
  • Rear derrailleur Shimano GRX DI2
  • Cassette Shimano Ultegra , 11-34
  • Handlebar Forza Nimbus Pro Comfort , 110mm - 380mm (cc shifters) - 420mm (cc drops) , Stealth Black
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What is my size?

A 770 790 880 895
B 475 495 535 550
C 520 535 555 575
D 90 115 140 160
E 74.5 74 73.5 73.5
F 71.5 72 72 72
G 425 425 425 425
H 53 60 62 64
I 1000 1006 1020 1040
J - -
S 497 526 552 573
R 382 384 391 405

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