Kanzo A

Kanzo A GRX400/600 KAA03Bs(M)

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About Kanzo A

The Kanzo Aluminium is an incredibly versatile bike. Mount fenders and you have an ideal, sturdy commuter for the most enjoyable ride to work you'll ever experience. Mount some off-road tires for some fun off the beaten path.

The Kanzo A all-road bike features wide tire clearance and numerous lugs, making it great for bikepacking as well. Head out into nature and enjoy! This Kanzo will always support you. It has a very pleasant geometry that combines comfort and stability.

This budget-friendly gravel bike has also completely nailed the sweet spot for riding gravel. Just take it off road to experience if for yourself!

Want to make it your own? Visit our Ridley configurator to design this Kanzo A in your own style - to include color choice.

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Hydro tubing

Our aluminium bikes are made of high-quality alloy, carefully built into cool Ridleys using innovative tech. Ideal for all your adventures.

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  • Frame Kanzo Aluminium, Triple Butted Hydroformed 6061-T6 Aluminium, TA 12x142mm
  • Fork Forza Oryx Disc, TA 12x100mm
  • Brakes Disc
  • Groupset Shimano GRX400 2x10sp
  • Crankset Shimano GRX 600 172.5mm 46-30T 10sp
  • Rear derrailleur Shimano GRX 400 , 10s , Max 36T
  • Cassette Shimano HG50 , 10s , 11-36
  • Handlebar 4ZA Stratos Gravel 420/480
  • Stem Forza Stratos , 100 mm , Black Glossy


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B 450 480 510 540 570 600
C 515 525 540 565 585 600
D 100 113 133 158 188 213
E 75 74.7 74 73 72.5 72.5
F 70 70.5 70.5 71 71 71.5
G 430 430 430 430 430 430
H 74 74 72 72 70 70
I 1016 1019 1029 1034 1056 1066
J 754 776 801 829 860 888
S 528 542 559 584 611 636
R 374 377 380 386 392 399

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