Women-specific Bikes
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Women-specific Bikes

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After years of thorough research into gender-specific bikes, Ridley came to the conclusion that each person is unique, regardless of gender. So, in treating Ridley customers as unique individuals, we now design all geometry for all bikes as completely unisex. This means that all our bikes are equally suited for both men and women. As fit comes down to each person's unique body type and riding style, we suggest you get a bike fit as your starting point. Once you know your measurements, visit our handy Ridley Configurator to build your dream bike that will fit you like a glove from the very first pedal stroke. With the Ridley Configurator, simply select your model and size, then adjust all details to your needs. A shorter / longer stem, narrower / wider handlebar, a seatpost with / without offset, a saddle that suits you best. This is where Ridley makes the difference. Each person can put together a bike tailored to their needs right from the start - free of charge, of course!
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