Gran Fondo Cycling reviews our Kanzo Fast, and wins.

Gran Fondo Cycling reviews our Kanzo Fast.

Gran Fondo Cycling Magazine recently tested our Ridley Kanzo Fast with Shimano GRX Di2. In a test against 9 other gravel bikes, our Kanzo Fast came out on top. "The overall package of speed, aero, comfort, attention to detail, and customizability, all at a fair price makes it stand out from the competition".

Are you looking for speed on gravel roads, whether in a race or during your well-deserved post-work outing? The Ridley Kanzo Fast makes riding fast intuitive, while providing sufficient comfort for long days in the saddle, whether you're riding on woodland paths, gravel, or asphalt. The balanced handling also easily handles technical trails, though not necessarily in record time. Interestingly, both newcomers to gravel and competitive racers will find a reliable partner for speed and comfort in the Ridley Kanzo Fast.

Read the full article about our Kanzo Fast on the website.

Before we sent this bike to Gran Fondo Magazine, we took a close look at it ourselves. This Kanzo Fast is special for a number of reasons.

A well-thought-out aero concept, making it the most aero gravel bike on the market
  • Attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship
  • The paintwork is fully customizable and personalizable through our configurator
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