Best of 2023: our Kanzo Fast!

The fastest gravel bike

With pride, we have been included in the prestigious "Best of 2023" list by Radsport in the 'Gravelbike' category. Our Kanzo Fast shines as the fastest gravel bike in the world. We couldn't have said it better ourselves: "The Kanzo Fast combines the aerodynamic features of the Noah Fast with the knowledge of gravel bikes from the Kanzo. Then, Ridley's engineers have spent many hours in the wind tunnel and on unpaved roads to design and test further development steps."


Off-road und Aero - passt das zusammen? Bei Ridley schon: Das Kanzo Fast Rival wird von den Belgiern als Aero-Gravel-Racer vorgestellt. Der heimliche Rennrad-Experte Gerhard Polt hätte gefragt: "Braucht's des?" Unsere Anwort: Sowieso!
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