About Kanzo Fast

The first step in creating the Kanzo Fast was to pair the aero features and sublime power transfer of the Noah Fast Disc with our Kanzo gravel knowledge. Next our Ridley engineers spent hours in the wind tunnel and on gravel roads for further development and testing. What we created in the end was the perfect, aerodynamic gravel bike to win gravel races! Its geometry and aero handlebars are designed entirely according to the gravel standard.

No gravel bike is as responsive as the Kanzo Fast. It combines NACA profiles with a very stiff bottom bracket to propel you forward with every pedal stroke.

To ensure for optimal comfort, we set the seat stays extra low and used the vibration-damping D-shaped seatpost. Aerodynamic, yet comfortable!

Start configuration


1x Only Kanzo Fast

Ditch the front derailleur! Maximum power transfer, aerodynamics and yet room for wide 42mm tires in a short chainstay are the result.

Comfort seatstays

Ridley developed seatstays using oval tubes. The result is maximized comfort and perfected power transfer!

D-shaped Seatpost

By designing a seatpost as D-shaped, rather than round, you significantly increase its aerodynamics and comfort. A win-win result!


Thanks to a D-shaped steerer tube, we can fully integrate all cables. A huge aerodynamic advantage that looks so sleek!

F-Tubing & F-Surface Plus

F-Tubing & F-Surface Plus incorporate the unique, aerodynamic Ridley tube shape that lets you ride much faster, without pedaling harder.


A wheel hub causes turbulence. The F-Wings streamline that turbulent wind. Maybe a small detail, but it instantly makes you a faster rider!

Kanzo Fast Aero Handlebar

An aerodynamic gravel handlebar? It may seem like an impossible combination, until you try the incredibly aero Kanzo Fast handlebar!

Kanzo Fast tubing

The Kanzo Fast lets you tear across any surface as quickly as possible. This is due to meticulous attention paid to each aspect of it.

Women-specific Bikes

Geometries based on gender are outdated. Everyone is unique! Ridley recommends bike-fitting and a custom build with our Ridley Configurator.

Ridley Elite Carbon

We use a combination of the very best Torayca carbon: 60T, 50T, 30T, 24T. Toray carbon gives these Ridleys an exceptional cycling feel.

Mudguard Mounts

The frame and fork has fixing mounts for mudguards.

Kanzo Specific Tire Clearance

Each Kanzo model has a tire clearance that is optimised for a specific use and terrain.

Best Gravel Race Bike of 2023

Gran Fondo Cycling Magazin named our Kanzo Fast the best gravel road bike of 2023.


  • Frame Kanzo Fast, 30T HM/HR UD Carbon, F-Tubing, F-Steerer Head Tube, TA 12x142mm
  • Fork Kanzo Fast , 30T HM/HR UD Carbon , F-Steerer Integrated Cables , TA 12x100m
  • Brakes Disc
  • Groupset Sram Rival 1x11sp
  • Crankset SRAM S350 , 172,5 , 42
  • Rear derrailleur SRAM Rival1 , Long Cage
  • Cassette SRAM PG-1130 , 11s , 11-42
  • Handlebar Ritchey Butano II Comp , 440 mm
  • Stem Forza Stratos , 100 mm , Black Glossy



What is my size?
A - 760 785 810 835 860
B - 470 495 520 545 570
C - 522 547 565 587 601
D - 115 144 168 197 221
E - 74.5 73.5 73 72.5 73
F - 71 71 71.5 71.5 72
G - 425 425 425 425 425
H - 74 72 72 70 70
I - 1001 1017 1026 1044 1053
J - 789 816 841 868 893
S - 537 563 587 613 638
R - 373 380 385 393 400

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