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Video: Riding Unbound Gravel race on the world’s fastest gravel bike

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As a performance brand, at Ridley we focus on optimizing aerodynamics. The Kanzo Fast is already the most aero optimized gravel bike, but with the help of Apidura, we made it an even faster bike.

Want to read more about the develop process and how we made our Kanzo Fast go even faster?

The Apidura Aero Pack setup yielded 16.66 watts of savings at 40km/h, meaning that if you have the right bags combined with the right bike, using packs can actually give you an aerodynamic advantage all while expanding your luggage carrying ability.

With this Apidura Aero Pack System, our Kanzo Fast frame and the Hunt wheels, this bike was completely gravel race ready. Nol van Loon of Fat Pigeon rode Unbound Gravel 200 miles (320 kilometer) and gave it his best shot against professional riders. Watch the video to see his experience on this lean, mean gravel racing machine.

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