Gravel vs. CX
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Gravel vs. CX

    Off-road cycling is your thing. Whether it's muddy or completely dry. Whether you ride through fields, in forests or on gravel. You also prefer a roadie handlebar over that of a mountain bike. That means you're a cyclocross fan. Or are you a gravel enthusiast? Or both? So what's the difference between a cyclocross bike and a gravel bike?


    We consulted our engineer Toon and product manager Bert Kenens.

    “There's a really big difference. The Kanzo Adventure is made for adventure. It's a bit more comfortable and it also gives you a stable feeling. The X-Night SL Disc, on the other hand, is much more aggressive. You have to love that," says Toon Wils.

    Bert Kenens: “If you have to compare it to a family, the Kanzo Adventure and the X-Night would be great-great-nephews.”

    “Exactly! I think they actually complement each other. Do you want to break speed records? Take the X-Night SL Disc. There is no other bike that pushes and motivates you more to take every turn faster. But do you want to discover the world? Maybe not as fast as possible, but with an extra dose of confidence, then the Kanzo is the ideal bike,” says Toon Wils.

    The essence

    Which roads are these bikes most suitable for?

    The Kanzo Adventure is really an ideal bike for long off-road parts straight ahead. Sometimes it may be a bit more technical, but not too much. On single tracks where you take a turn every 10 metres, it won't excel. This bike is not designed to break speed records. Do take those single tracks, but just take every turn a little bit slower.

    The X-Night SL Disc is really a bike that gets a kick out of technical courses. You can see that in its geometry, which is very aggressive.

    The ultimate tip

    Maybe our Ridley connoisseurs have an ultimate tip?

    Bert: “Do you like challenging courses? Do you want to leave everything out there every time you dive into the field or the forest? Then the X-Night SL Disc is perfect for you.”

    Toon: "If you like to explore the world, but you don't necessarily have to conquer KOMs, I would go for the Kanzo Adventure of Speed."

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