KMC MTB Racing Team X Ridley

The partnership between Ridley and KMC MTB Racing Team started in 2023 and marks an exciting new chapter for the both of us. KMC MTB Racing Team’s main goal is to compete in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. With our support, the team will have access to the best equipment available, allowing their riders to perform their best on the international stage. Our Probe RS and Raft RS mountainbikes are designed to exceed on every international race level.

QUOTE Bart Brentjens (team manager of KMC MTB Racing Team) is looking forward to our partnership: “I look forward to our partnership, achieving impressive performance and team goals together. Our goal is set, and we know what to do to follow the route to Paris 2024 together full of energy and confidence”. We are confident that KMC MTB Racing Team inspires and excites cycling fans all over the world.

While Ridley is known for its success in road racing and cyclocross, our partnership with KMC MTB Racing Team allows us to aim arrows at the competitive world of mountain biking. Our presence is a valuable breeding ground for our product's development as we are taking our first steps in World Cup MTB racing. Moreover, it shows our commitment to creating innovative, high-performance bikes across all disciplines.
Bart brentjes

"Ik kijk er naar uit om indrukwekkende prestaties en teamdoelen samen te bereiken. Ons doel is vastgesteld en we weten wat we moeten doen om samen vol energie en vertrouwen de route naar Parijs 2024 te volgen".

Team manager van KMC MTB Racing Team
We hebben er alle vertrouwen in dat KMC MTB Racing Team mountainbikers over de hele wereld inspireert en enthousiasmeert.

Hoewel Ridley bekend staat om zijn succes in wegwedstrijden en cyclocross, stelt onze samenwerking met KMC MTB Racing Team ons in staat om pijlen te richten op de competitieve wereld van mountainbiken. Onze aanwezigheid is een waardevolle broedplaats voor de ontwikkeling van ons product, aangezien we onze eerste stappen zetten in de World Cup MTB-races. Bovendien toont het onze toewijding om innovatieve, hoogwaardige fietsen te creëren voor alle fietsdisciplines.
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