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Ridley and Classified Cycling form the first professional gravel team

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Ridley and Classified Cycling have been a well-oiled tandem for some time now. In 2024, we will collaborate even more closely with the producer of the innovative shifting system. Leading up to Velofollies, we announced the new riders and unveiled our plans for the upcoming gravel season. As a collaboration between two Belgian companies, we will continue to conquer the world of gravel!

In the spring of 2023, Classified, in partnership with Foodmaker and with the support of Ridley and DT Swiss, launched the first professional gravel team. Dutch powerhouse Piotr Havik became the first rider of this ambitious project. He received a personalized Kanzo Fast and Kanzo Adventure, officially making his debut for the team at Unbound Gravel, a legendary race in Kansas, USA.

Later in 2023, Daan Grosemans joined the ranks of Team Classified. His design for the Kanzo Fast also gained significant popularity among our fans. Therefore, we offered the bikes of Havik and Grosemans for sale. The duo contributed to building recognition at major events in the growing world of gravel racing.

Three new riders

In 2024, Team Classified officially becomes 'Ridley-Classified.' Three Britons – Toby Perry, Annabel Fisher, and Freya Rawlins – are added to the team. Perry won the French UCI Gravel World Series Millau Grands Causses, while Fisher emerged as the overall winner of the Gravel Earth Series. Rawlins, known for her achievements in time trials, aims to excel in gravel racing. The five riders are already looking forward to the World Championships in Leuven, scheduled for October.

The team also boasts a well-known ambassador in Tom Boonen. The 2005 road cycling world champion has been associated with Classified for several years and strongly believes in the team's story. The team was introduced to the public over the weekend during Velofollies.

Choice from the Ridley gravel range

The riders have access to various gravel and all-road bikes from our range, allowing them to tailor their race bikes to the terrain, ensuring they always have the most suitable bike. Another unique feature is that each rider's bike is finished in its own accent color.

About Classified

In 2020, we introduced the Classified Powershift on our Kanzo Fast, the very first aero gravel bike in the off-road scene. Later, the system became available on the Kanzo Adventure and Grifn. This Classified Powershift allows shifting while applying full force on the pedals, a significant advantage during sprints or on rapidly changing courses. In 2024, we are expanding this offering to our road models Falcn RS, Noah, and Fenix. We strongly believe in this innovative system and are committed to supporting the development of the professional team.

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