Seeking the soul of Mongolia during an unparalleled bikepacking adventure

Exploration is one of the core values of our brand. With our bikes, you embark on adventures everywhere, enjoy new experiences, and clear your mind. That's why we collaborated with photographer and filmmaker Antoine Collet, who set out to discover the soul of Mongolia for outdoor clothing brand Jack Wolfskin. His journey yielded stunning visuals that we can't wait to share with you.

Antoine is a true adventurer. Previously, he explored the desolate landscape of Oman, and he feels at home in the Pyrenees and Austria. For his latest adventure, he traveled to Mongolia for Jack Wolfskin, the land of the endless blue skies. When he asked us to provide two bikes, we knew immediately that the Kanzo Adventure would be the perfect vehicle for him.

'Full-package adventure'

In Mongolia, Antoine sought the soul of the land. "It was six days filled with everything nature represents: wind, rain, sun, and vast landscapes. A 'full-package adventure', so to speak. The project aimed to discover the local culture, and it was a success. We spent time with the locals during our lunch, saw farmers at work, and admired the horse racers."

Antoine also discovered traditional Mongolian cheese. "We had been eager to try a piece for a while, and at a ranch, we got the chance. However, the cheese was as hard as a rock, and the taste was very strong. We tried it but immediately looked at each other with a glance that said, 'this is impossible'. Every time we were offered another piece, we declined."


Making a campfire also proved to be quite a challenge. "Even with small matches, it didn't work, so we had already given up hope until someone suggested using the boiler and the gas stove. This way, we could still enjoy a cozy campfire moment."

Finally, Antoine and his companions were immersed in the folk beliefs of the Mongolian people. "We had to write something in a book and then turn it around three times. This was supposed to bring good luck. The opposite proved true: shortly after, it started to rain and blow, and a big storm arose. Every time we had bad luck, we referred to that folk belief and said we might have done something wrong."

In July, Antoine will further present his work in a video, and later this year, we can expect his film.

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