Beat the resistance!
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Beat the resistance!

    Aerodynamics. NACA profiles. These are terms you are likely to read with any aero bike. But what does this mean and why is Ridley unique in this?

    Beat the resistance!

    Resistance is one of the reasons why some objects move more slowly than others. However, there are different types of resistance, such as the frictional resistance between a tire and the road surface. If you want to ride as fast with a mountain bike tire as with a road racing tire, that's quite a tough task. That’s logical since the wide MTB tire with its coarser tread will cause more friction than the smooth road racing tire.

    Noah Fast & Mars Rover

    To explain NACA profiles exactly, we actually have to go back to 1915. That's when the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics was founded in America. Their goal was to investigate how they could stimulate developments in aerospace. One aspect of this was experimenting with wing profiles for airplanes.
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