In the world of cycling, we are known for our high-quality bikes, products, and the craftsmanship in our Beringen factory. That's why we enjoy collaborating with like-minded partners to continue growing and innovating, as standing still is moving backward. Beyond the cycling world, we also actively work on building our brand. Together, we are always stronger than alone, and by joining forces, there is always the opportunity to learn. After all, cycling is a team sport! Discover everything about our noteworthy collaborations here!


Belgium is known worldwide for its cycling culture, while Tomorrowland is one of the biggest festivals on the globe. With this collaboration, two pioneers are fraternizing around values such as adventure, exploration and camaraderie. Together we offer different bikes and accompanying merchandise.


Ridley and Classified Cycling have been operating as a well-oiled tandem for some time now. Since 2020, we have been offering the shifting system on various bikes. In 2024, we will intensify our collaboration with this innovative system's producer through the introduction of the Classified Ridley Team. As a collaboration between two Belgian companies, we aim to further conquer the gravel world!

Kom Op Tegen Kanker

Annually, cancer affects nearly 75,000 people in our country. Despite all efforts against the disease, cycling holds a prominent place: physical activity reduces the risk of certain cancers, and cycling events are very popular for raising awareness about the disease and fundraising. As a Belgian bicycle manufacturer, Ridley understands the societal role it can play, leading to an intense collaboration with "Kom op tegen Kanker" (Stand up to Cancer).
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