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Introducing the new Noah and Helium! Wait! New? Indeed! The new Noah and Helium are perfect siblings of the top performance models, the Noah Fast and Helium SLX.

So what’s new? The price tag!

We will bring the looks and performance of our top racebikes to a lower price range. By doing this more riders can enjoy our top tecnology!

Isn’t there any difference between a Noah and Noah Fast? Yes, there is: the weight.

The Noah Fast and Helium SLX are developped in collaboration with the best riders in the world to support them in their search for victories. That’s why we use the Elite Series carbon lay-up in combination with our top tecnologies. The result is a lightweight and stiff bike where we will push the limits of what is tecnically possible so our racers can perform in the most difficult races in the world at the highest level of competition.

In the development process of the Helium and Noah Disc, our focus was on bringing the retail price of the bike down while keeping the main caracteristics of the Helium SLX and Noah Fast: excellent stiffness and riding comfort. The result is a bike that will accellerate, corner and ride like the bikes of the pro riders. No watt will be lost between your pedals and the road! We achieved this by using an Essential Series carbon lay-up. The main difference will be a slightly higher weight.

The result? A Noah Disc that’s only 140gr heavier then a Noah Fast. A Helium that weighs just a 120gr more then a Helium SLX. But trust us, you will hardly feel the difference when pushing the pedals!

Are there other differences?

Some … The Noah Fast and Helium SLX will have some extra design and groupset options in our online Configurator. However, check out our online Configurator to create your dreambike!

Helium Disc

The flagship of the stiffness to weight movement.

The Helium Disc is light, responsive, stiff, and comfortable. Its unique, oval tube shape provides the perfect balance between stiffness, weight, and comfort. Additionally, all cables are fully integrated because we also use F-Steerer technology here.

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Noah Disc

Noah Disc

Ultegra - NHD01Bs

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