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The Flying Moustache

    Take a look at Victor Campenaerts’ record bike, isn’t she a beauty? We think it’s time, with 3 weeks to go, to take a deep dive into Victor’s bike and explore the technology behind the Flying Moustache (thousands of Belgians voted for this remarkable name on the leading Belgian sports media website

    The front

    The extensions are without a doubt the most remarkable part of Victor’s Flying Moustache. They are an exact copy of Victor’s arms. This process started in January 2018. Victor was new to the team and eager to test this new technology. We were able to create a mould of his left and right arm, from his elbow to the grips of the extensions. Subsequently this was copied into a carbon version. The final result got UCI approved and Victor first used his extensions at the World Championships ITT in Innsbruck last year, where he took the bronze medal. Another remarkable component is the base bar. With a width of only 33cm, it’s even smaller than small. Where regular handlebars vary between 38cm to 44cm, Victor chose to go this narrow because of aerodynamics. His base bar will only be used in the first 15 seconds of his Hour Record attempt. After 15 seconds he should be positioned stable in his extensions for the next 59 minutes and 45 seconds.

    The frame

    The geometry of the Arena TT, baptized into the Flying Moustache, is an exact copy of Campenaerts’ Dean FAST. It’s not the first time we fulfilled such a project. Jolien D’Hoore and Jasper De Buyst were the first to ride the Arena TT. Each time the frame geometry was fully customized into their ideal position. With these bikes, it's really a World Upside Down. Instead of fitting the riders to their bikes, we fitted the bikes to the riders. On the downtube, you’ll find the known F-Surface Plus. We use this technology on all aero bikes. It's the application of a textured surface (similar to grooves in a golf ball) in strategic locations for decreased wind drag. These grooves make the boundary layer of the airflow turbulent which causes the main airflow to better follow the shape of the tube. With a smooth air travel around the frame, we’ll help Victor expertly cut through wind.

    The Gear

    Victor is trying out different gears. At this moment he’s trying 63x15 and 59x14. Both gear options are pretty similar, and each rotation of the pedals would result in 8,70m of progress. Knowing he’s aiming at 105 rotations per minute, he should bridge 54,852 kilometres in 1 hour. And you know what that means … New Hour Record! The gear is completely created in function of ‘the lowest friction possible’. Therefore Victor will use a road chain instead of a track chain and every chain ring and sprocket are specially milled. But what gear will Victor ultimately push? That’s a decision he will take in Aguascalientes. And that’s why we’ll bring 6 chain rings (from 58 to 63) and 6 sprockets (13 to 18) with us to Mexico.

    The tubes

    These gold looking tubes are created by Vittoria to have the lowest rolling friction as possible. Other gear Victor will be using includes Campagnolo Ghibli wheels, C-Bear bearings, Look Keo Blade 20 pedals and Campagnolo SRM-ready cranks.

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