Everything you need to know about the Ridley Grifn, the bike between road and gravel
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Everything you need to know about the Ridley Grifn, the bike between road and gravel

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Looking for a bike that combines the speed of a road bike with the comfort of a gravel bike? Then our Grifn is perfect for you! But what exactly is the difference between these two similar bikes? We'll tell you all about it in this blog post.

The allroad family is situated between traditional road bikes on one hand and gravel bikes on the other. This means that you can still race through the streets at high speeds, but also take a detour on an unpaved dirt road. It's the bike for people who don't want to choose between paved and unpaved roads.


The Grifn becomes a true all-road bike because of its geometry. "We developed this bike specifically to be able to tackle anything," says our product manager Bert Kenens. "When you take a closer look, you'll see that the head tube angle of the Grifn is slightly flatter than the head tube angle of a road bike like the Fenix SLiC. Compared to a gravel bike, the head tube angle is sharper."

"At the same time, we lowered the bottom bracket compared to a road bike. This bottom bracket is still slightly higher than on a gravel bike. Additionally, we made the chainstay as short as possible, coming in at 420 millimeters. The result is a bike that is quick and responsive, but still stable and comfortable."

Bandwidth and attachment points

"Our product manager continues, 'As for the maximum bandwidth, on a 2x drive, we go up to 38 millimeters.' It even goes up to 40 millimeters if you opt for a 1x drive. This gives you enough space to put on tires for the unpaved roads in your area."

Our product manager Bert also points out another difference: "We have added extra attachment points compared to traditional road bikes. On the Grifn, there are three on top of the down tube and three below the down tube. There are also three attachment points on the seat tube. This gives you the option to customize the setup of your water bottles and bike bags according to your preference. There are two additional attachment points on the top tube as well. If you don't use them, you can hide them nicely under a special cover."

The Grifn also features internal cable routing when using a hub dynamo. You can route the cables for the front light through the fork and the cable for the rear light through the top tube. You can easily add these options through the Configurator. Additionally, you can attach fenders, allowing you to enjoy this bike 24/7, 365 days a year. With other interesting options like the UDH Hanger and the removable front derailleur clamp, you can complete your bike."

"So, the Grifn is the ideal bike for both paved and unpaved terrain. You can simply do it all. You choose between a road profile or a gravel profile, and through our Configurator, you can select from different designs, color combinations, and various groupsets."
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