Looking for a hanger for your Ridley? In the list below you'll find every hanger for Ridley. With that article number, you can go to your local Ridley bike shop and order the spare part. 


Frame typeYear of introductionSpare part
Noah Fast2012HAARCERID026
Noah Fast Disc  2019HAARCERID041
Noah Fast Caliper  2019HAARCERID033
Fenix SL Disc  2017HAARCERID037
Jane SL Disc  2017HAARCERID037
Noah First Gen.2005HANRCERID020
Noah SL Disc  2017HAARCERID037
Noah SL Aero plus Disc  2018HAARCERID037
Noah Aero plus Disc  2019HAARCERID037
Noah SL Disc  2018HAARCERID037
Jane SL Aero plus Disc  2018HAARCERID037
Jane SL Disc  2018HAARCERID037
Noah SL  2018HAARCERID033
Noah  2018HAARCERID033
Jane SL  2018HAARCERID033
Jane  2018HAARCERID033
Aura SLX  2017HAARCERID033
Aura X  2017HAARCERID033
Fenix SL  2015HAARCERID033
Helium RS 7DE2014HAARCERID033
Helium SL  2013HAARCERID033
Helium SLX  2017HAARCERID033
Helium X  2017HAARCERID033
Jane  2017HAARCERID033
Jane SL  2017HAARCERID033
Liz SL  2017HAARCERID033
Noah  2016HAARCERID033
Noah SL  2015HAARCERID033
Fenix Disc2014HAACRSRID018
X-Night ( XS & XXS)  2016HAACRSRID018
X-Night (S,M,L,XL, & XXL)  2016HAACRSRID018
X-Night Disc  2016HAACRSRID018
X-Night SL Disc2014HAACRSRID018
X-Night SL S,M,L,XL & XXL 2014HAACRSRID018
X-Night SL XS & XXS 2014HAACRSRID018
Fenix 7005 2014HAARCERID030
Liz 7005  2013HAARCERID030
Fenix  2013HAARCERID031
Liz  2013HAARCERID031
Aura SLA  2018HAARCERID036
Aura SLA  2017HAARCERID036
Fenix Alu  2015HAARCERID036
Fenix Alu  2015HAARCERID036
Fenix Alu Disc  2016HAARCERID036
Helium SLA  2018HAARCERID036
Helium SLA  2017HAARCERID036
Liz Alu  2015HAARCERID036
Liz Alu  2015HAARCERID036
Liz Alu 7DE2014HAARCERID036
X-Ride Cross-brake  2017HAARCERID036
X-Trail A  2015HAARCERID036
R10 Disc  2019HAARCERID040
Chronus / R10 2014HAARCERID032
R9  2013HAARCERID032
R7  2013HAARCERID027
X-Ride Cross-brake  2015HAARCERID027
X-Ride Disc  2016HAARCERID027
X-Trail Carbon  2015HAAXTRRID001
X-Trail Carbon  2015HAAXTRRID002
R9 Disc  2019HAAXTRRID002
Tempo (M)  2019HAAMTBRID019
Tempo (W)  2019HAAMTBRID019
Tempo X (M)  2011HAAMTBRID001
Tempo X (W)  2011HAAMTBRID001
X-Night SL Disc  2019HAACRSRID021
X-Night ECO Disc 2020HAACRSRID021
X-Night ECO Disc  2017HAACRSRID021
X-Night SL Disc  2017HAACRSRID021
X-Night SL Disc  2017HAACRSRID021
X-Fire Disc  2013HAACRSRID008
Helium SLA Disc  2018HAARCERID039
Aura SLA Disc2018HAARCERID039
X-Ride Disc 2017HAARCERID039
X-Ride Disc  2017HAARCERID039
X-Trail Adventure  2018HAARCERID039
X-Trail Fazua  2019HAARCERID039
X-Bow Disc  2019HAACRSRID022
X-Bow Disc  2015HAACRSRID011
X-Bow cross-brake  2015HAACRSRID010
Elykx C  2018HAAMTBRID021
Elykx A  2018HAAMTBRID018
E-Tempo (M)  2019HAAMTBRID018
E-Tempo (W)  2019HAAMTBRID018
Sablo  2018HAAMTBRID020
Sablo 2018HAAMTBRID020
Ignite CSL27.5  2016HAAMTBRID013
Ignite CSL29  2016HAAMTBRID013
Ignite C29  2018HAAMTBRID016
Ignite CSL29  2016HAAMTBRID016
Ignite CSL27.5  2016HAAMTBRID016
Ignite C27.5  2013HAAMTBRID008
Ignite C29  2013HAAMTBRID008
Blast  2018HAAMTBRID019
Blast 27.5 2014HAAMTBRID007
Blast 29 2014HAAMTBRID007
Ignite A26  2013HAAMTBRID007
Ignite A27.5  2013HAAMTBRID007
Ignite A29  2013HAAMTBRID007
Ignite A29  2018HAAMTBRID017
Dean Fast                               2014HAATIMRID005
Dean                     2016HAATIMRID005
Dean Fast                               2014HAATIMRID006
Arena  2011DPLARERID002

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